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I am a processor. I am a thinker. I rarely react emotionally. If you know me, that last statement may make you laugh. When I’m being attacked, it takes a long time for me to get to the point wherein … Continue reading

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Being a Christian in the US today is rough.

 Don’t get me wrong. It’s not as rough as it is in Muslim countries. I can declare my faith openly here without fear of being killed, tortured, losing property or being imprisoned. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that I’ll lose … Continue reading

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Do the hard things

Yesterday was the first true test of my new life. I was home, in my apartment, alone…alone with my own thoughts. That can be a scary place.  I couldn’t get out of bed, for starters. I was, and frankly am, … Continue reading

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Five years already?

Today is five years since we lost my grandmother. I’ve been so emotional…just raw.  Elsie and I had an enigmatic relationship. She wasn’t ready to be a grandmother. She had a daughter who was nearly five when I was born. … Continue reading

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Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

Growing up, I was a blessed kid. I was surrounded by so much love that I didn’t know any differently. My parents, as crazy as they can be, loved my sister and me unconditionally. Were there moments in which I … Continue reading

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Endings and beginnings

Well…today was my last day. I’m not gonna lie…it was tough. I was okay until my boss came up and talked to me. You see…the reason I stayed so long was because of him. And our patients. Even as I … Continue reading

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What the fluff?!?!

This morning, I may have freaked out a little bit. I am leaving my job 😳 Yea, I made a rational decision based on evidence that it is time for me to leave. Yes, I know that I know that … Continue reading

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New beginnings

This week is going to be a week of lasts for me. It is bittersweet.  After 10 years, I am retiring from the dental industry…specifically from working in a dental office. I know more about periodontal disease, brushing, flossing, crowns … Continue reading

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Church, humility

Part of my holistic recovery is getting back into church. What does it matter if I’m physically and emotionally healthy if I’m spiritually dying? So, today, I went to church.  Today’s sermon was on…drum roll please…HUMILITY. You see…I’m a slow … Continue reading

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This week has been a truly humbling experience for me. And it has helped me to understand my mom and a lot of people in my life more deeply than I ever could have.  Yes, I have an autoimmune disease … Continue reading

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