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The apocalypse is here!

In Philly, every time there is a snow event, you’d think the apocalypse is on its way. Even though it snows every single year. Bread, eggs, milk and water fly off the shelves. Liquor stores are flooded with those who … Continue reading

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The trees are budding here in Philadelphia, and we’re expecting our second nor-easter in less than a week. What the heck is going on with the world? In some ways, I feel like the weather right now is reflective of … Continue reading

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Stop with your tantrums

I am still trying to process what happened in Parkland, FL this week. I cannot comprehend how a man would even get the thought of taking a weapon and gunning down a school. I couldn’t even kill a mouse in … Continue reading

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Walking through it

Let me set the scene for you. This weekend I headed to NYC on the Megabus for an unscripted weekend. I didn’t know how long I was staying, or what I was doing, so I packed for two nights. I … Continue reading

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Breaking trends

I left my job in the dental field almost six months ago. I was sick mentally and physically. I was so far beyond burnt out that I was unrecognizable to myself. Over 10 years ago, I left a church. I … Continue reading

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A question was asked today on Anne Jackson’s blog…would you die for someone’s freedom?  My answer to this question is, I believe, the root of my unsettledness.   I remember being seven years old, sitting on the olive green wool … Continue reading

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I’m going to write something of substance today.  But while you’re waiting for my time to catch up with my brain, read this post by Tony Morgan.  It’s…yeah.  Just go over and read it.

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Stand, part 2

Yesterday I posed the question, for what do I (we) stand? Today, I have some answers.  I stand for those things that the scriptures tell me I am supposed to stand.  I stand, first of all, for the name, the … Continue reading

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Quick thoughts going through my head today. What would the world look like if Christians actually believed the words that they sing during worship? Why are we doing this whole Christianity thing?  What is it that we stand for?  What does … Continue reading

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This morning, I woke up and I was fah-reaking out.  I realized, in an instant, that I have, once again, fallen into the trap of finding my identity not in Christ but in the things that I do.  Like work.  … Continue reading

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