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Facing Fear

Today I was listening to a Facebook live. The person being interviewed said that he is afraid of social media because if someone starts a word fight with him, he would want to go to their house and beat them … Continue reading

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Temporal vs eternal

I’m realizing just how much of my focus has been on the temporal versus the eternal. I’ve been in survival mode. I’m trying to keep afloat physically. My health hasn’t been great and the exhaustion has been overwhelming. I’m trying … Continue reading

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A question was asked today on Anne Jackson’s blog…would you die for someone’s freedom?  My answer to this question is, I believe, the root of my unsettledness.   I remember being seven years old, sitting on the olive green wool … Continue reading

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The desire to start my own business is growing more and more everyday.   I’ve never really entertained the thought too seriously.  But lately, I’ve been saying it, and it is becoming more real.  I would like to start a consulting … Continue reading

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Last night I was talking to one of my friends who is chasing her dream out in California.  She’s made some of the toughest decisions of anyone I know to get out there and stick it out.  To say that … Continue reading

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Let’s start a conversation

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the church.  I love the church.  After all, it is the Bride of Christ, right?  Theoretically it is supposed to be.  I’ve worked for a few companies over the years.  In general, when … Continue reading

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Who are you pleasing?

I had the pleasure of speaking with a good friend of mine over the weekend.  She recently married the man of her dreams…I’ve seen them together, and I cannot imagine her with another man. While we were talking, she was … Continue reading

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Are you ready for some…

Thursday night marked the beginning of my favorite time of the year.  FOOTBALL SEASON. Tomorrow…I plan on overindulging.  I am gonna park my butt in front of the TV, beginning at about 12 and watch as many hours of football … Continue reading

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A passion for Your people

I am really interested to see what God is going to do over the next few months.  You see, I have these seasonal friends in my life.  When I am surrounded by them, I instinctively know that there is some … Continue reading

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Trying to break the silence

I have a burden for people.  I have a burden for the people in the church to which God has called me to serve.  I feel a burden for the people in the community in which we worship.  I feel … Continue reading

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