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There is a person trapped within me. She is full of joy. She is funny. She is intelligent. She is full of life, ready to hop the next plane to help save the world. She is well-spoken. The whole world … Continue reading

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Hypo-what? Hashi-who?

Last year, about this time, I spent an entire day and a half in bed, crying and feeling completely miserable.I was having a horrible time sleeping though I was exhausted all of the time. I went to the doctor, had … Continue reading

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By Your stripes…

God has been doing a remarkable act of healing in my life lately. I didn’t realize it until the past week or so. I find myself comfortable in my skin. I am certainly no model, nor do I desire to … Continue reading

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Last night my friend called my current season of life a pressing season. I don’t know what season I’m in but I’m calling uncle. This past weekend was one of the most emotionally difficult I’ve had…and that includes being in … Continue reading

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It’s funny how far a dollar can go

One of the most powerful sermons that I ever heard was at a Methodist church on the day that my nephew Isaac and my niece Isabella were baptized. As I walked into the church, proud to be my nephew’s God-mother, … Continue reading

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And the battle rages

Sleep eludes me. I am battle weary yet my mind trudged along as if I’ve slept all day. In a few hours, mom will undergo surgery she’s put off for three years. Dad and I will be there for her. … Continue reading

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Happy Fathers Day

Today I feel like I’m on the episode of “Survivor” when they remember all of the people who were voted off the island. God had blessed me with some great men in my life…but over the past few years some … Continue reading

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Forward, March

Forward,march!! Left. Right. Left. Right. Ok, I admit it. I was a band geek in high school. Mock me if you will, but it taught me life skills…like how to love football. One thing I hated about marching band was … Continue reading

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People don’t care how much you know…

I read a book this weekend called Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. My friend highly recommended it to me, and I have to admit. I was reticent to read it. Maybe I’m jaded by endless bookshelves filled with … Continue reading

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Ch ch ch changes

The one constant in my life is change. Part of me loves change–new challenges, new people, new experiences. Another part of me craves constancy–routine, existing relationships, my comfortable pants with the holes that were earned, not purchased. The seasons in … Continue reading

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