What Is Wrong With You??

The last few days have been emotionally charged. So emotionally charged that I am exhausted on every level possible. I think my hair is emotionally and physically exhausted.

I have a very serious question that I am trying answer. What the actual f$&k is wrong with people?

People demand sympathy but don’t offer an ounce to others.

People demand service but are not of service to others.

People demand things be done in an illogical way yet refuse to understand why nothing is accomplished in a timely manner.

I am an empath. I FEEL all of things things in the deepest part of my soul. To the marrow of my bones.

So…here’s my answer to the question.

There is an emotional payoff. For all parties involved.

Deneen, that doesn’t make sense.

If you’re actively engaging in a way that drains you (and I’m looking in the mirror here) you like being drained. And complaining about it.

If someone demands sympathy but refuses to extend it, there is an emotional payoff in it.

Why do you act the way that you do? Do you enjoy the role of victim? (I don’t expect anyone to raise their hand, but I hope if you felt triggered, you journal on it.)

Do you enjoy the role of martyr? Jesus already died on the cross. Stop it already. No one likes a martyr, and the role doesn’t serve anyone.

Yes, I’m grumpy. Yes, I am tired. But I am also taking the time to look at why o choose these things and working on changing my story. I honestly have no time for bullshit excuses anymore.

If any part of this made you mad, you’re welcome. Send me hate mail…or contact me to coach you. You can’t correct what you don’t address. Make some changes in your life. Or stay the same, save some money today, and spend more in a year. It’s your choice.

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