What Would Jesus Do?

Throughout my life, as I’ve worked with people in so many different capacities, one of my weaknesses is that I always want more for people…see more in them than they do. Tony Robbins tells a story about a young person who joins the coast guard. He’s just graduated from the coast guard academy, and he’sContinue reading “What Would Jesus Do?”

Why Do We Hate Great?

So, last night I watched my team, the New England Patriots, win a bid to the Super Bowl. It wasn’t their easiest run…and the game went into overtime. Most people hate the Patriots. They’ll call them cheaters. They’ll come up with a multitude of reasons. Most of the time I roll my eyes, but lastContinue reading “Why Do We Hate Great?”

The peril of past success

Work has been really trying.  Challenging.  Not in a good way. Working for a start up is not easy.  I knew that coming in.  I basically helped to start two churches.  I worked with my friend when she started her salon.  The Korean company I worked for was a start up here in the US. Continue reading “The peril of past success”