What Would Jesus Do?

Throughout my life, as I’ve worked with people in so many different capacities, one of my weaknesses is that I always want more for people…see more in them than they do. Tony Robbins tells a story about a young person who joins the coast guard. He’s just graduated from the coast guard academy, and he’sContinue reading “What Would Jesus Do?”

Writing is my release. It is the way that I work through what’s raging in my head, in my life in a way that is productive instead of falling prey to self-destruction. It is something I do for ME. It is the way that I get my story out to the world in an understandableContinue reading

I’ll prove you wrong.

I have problems.  Haha.  If you’ve read my blog more than once, you probably have some pills or a good therapist to recommend.  I am conflicted.  I am passionate.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Or I punch at you so that you can’t see what I am really feeling.  Because, what if youContinue reading “I’ll prove you wrong.”

Hey “Christians”

I’m breaking my silence.  Shocking, I know.  Today my heart was broken.  Once again. I don’t understand church folks.  I just don’t.  Is it that church folk don’t understand that they are broken?  Do they think that because they are part of the “in” crowd that they are immune to pain? I’m a follower ofContinue reading “Hey “Christians””