The peril of past success

Work has been really trying.  Challenging.  Not in a good way.

Working for a start up is not easy.  I knew that coming in.  I basically helped to start two churches.  I worked with my friend when she started her salon.  The Korean company I worked for was a start up here in the US.  Building something from the ground up means losing sleep, penetrating a market, building a customer base, creating processes. 

I know what it takes to start something, and to be successful.

What I am not used to is beating my head against a brick wall, working with people who like to tell me what it takes to be successful but who are not out there pounding the pavement.

When I worked for the implant company, the managers of the offices were out peddling the implants.  They learned the product, the visited doctors’ offices and they sold stuff.  I did what it took in the office to make sure that my manager could be out selling. 

This time, something is different.  There’s a spirit of focusing on past successes rather than building a new thing that is successful. 

I’m frustrated.  I want benefits.  I want pay.  I want a modicum of security.  I’m at the end of my rope.

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