Last night my friend called my current season of life a pressing season. I don’t know what season I’m in but I’m calling uncle. This past weekend was one of the most emotionally difficult I’ve had…and that includes being in the house when my Grandmom passed. Cleaning out her house. Dealing with long unresolved emotionsContinue reading “Uncle!!!”

It’s funny how far a dollar can go

One of the most powerful sermons that I ever heard was at a Methodist church on the day that my nephew Isaac and my niece Isabella were baptized. As I walked into the church, proud to be my nephew’s God-mother, I received a bulletin with two pennies taped to it. The pastor’s message that dayContinue reading “It’s funny how far a dollar can go”

People don’t care how much you know…

I read a book this weekend called Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. My friend highly recommended it to me, and I have to admit. I was reticent to read it. Maybe I’m jaded by endless bookshelves filled with all kinds of claims about Jesus and heaven. Maybe I’m just jaded by life’s circumstances.Continue reading “People don’t care how much you know…”

Ch ch ch changes

The one constant in my life is change. Part of me loves change–new challenges, new people, new experiences. Another part of me craves constancy–routine, existing relationships, my comfortable pants with the holes that were earned, not purchased. The seasons in my life are passing rather quickly these days. Four months ago, I was super excitedContinue reading “Ch ch ch changes”