Forward, March

Forward,march!! Left. Right. Left. Right.

Ok, I admit it. I was a band geek in high school. Mock me if you will, but it taught me life skills…like how to love football. One thing I hated about marching band was the parades. Ugh…I still get anxious in October around Woodbury’s Fall Festival Parade time. The smell of diesel fumes…and the dread of never quite being in step. If you see a picture of a band, inevitably you’ll notice one person with the wrong foot forward. That was usually a chick playing tenor sax named Deneen.

Aside from realizing that I’ll never quite fit in with the crowd, I learned how to mobilize myself. Aside from chiding myself along by saying, “C’mon, White, you can do this!” I find myself saying, “Forward, march!” when the going gets tough and I want to remain sedentary instead of proactive.

I am in a season of proactivity right now, whether I like it or not. I sense forward progress despite the appearance of setbacks.

If you find yourself seemingly stuck in a not-so-ideal situation, I hope you hear my voice or see my words. It’s time to mobilize.

Forward, march!

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