Happy Fathers Day

Today I feel like I’m on the episode of “Survivor” when they remember all of the people who were voted off the island. God had blessed me with some great men in my life…but over the past few years some of the men have been removed from my life.

I am blessed that my father is still alive. I have learned so much throughout the years from him. Hard work, a wry sense of humor, and unconditional live are just a few of his traits I attempt to emulate.

Last year we lost my next door neighbor to lung cancer–Mr. Bill. I walk out back at my parents house and I still look for him…and after a year I’m surprised not to hear a happy “Howdy neighbor!” No matter what he was going through, he always had a smile and a joke.

Two men from my former church are missed as well…Coach and Charlie. Mighty men of God, always there with a word of encouragement and a smile. Coach is bigger than life in my mind…a gentle giant. He made sure I saw the Grand Canyon as we flew over it on our way to my first mission trip. Charlie was like my dad…telling me what I didn’t want to hear and making sure my car was maintained.

As I write this, I can’t help but be humbled. Some people can’t claim to have one good man in their lives. I have too many to write about in one blog. I am a blessed woman.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there. Never underestimate how important being a man of integrity and character is to those around you!

2 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day

  1. Wow Deneen! Incredible post. So humbling and so powerful. I am sorry about your neighbour, Coach, and Charlie. Fortunately I am confident that death is not the end but the beginning. May we continue to live as selflessly as these people you have mentioned here. Keep writing. Awesome post!

    Much love,

    Durban – South Africa (For the sake of your other readers) 🙂

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