Happy Fathers Day

Today I feel like I’m on the episode of “Survivor” when they remember all of the people who were voted off the island. God had blessed me with some great men in my life…but over the past few years some of the men have been removed from my life. I am blessed that my fatherContinue reading “Happy Fathers Day”

Uncharted territory

I am blessed, humbled, excited beyond comprehension right now. I’ve never been in this place before…this is uncharted territory for me, which is alright with me. Tonight we had our monthly leadership meeting…we call them leadership roundtables. We caught the path that God wants our church to walk. I know I’ve said this before, andContinue reading “Uncharted territory”

Christmas presents

I remember my first mission trip to Arizona. It was emotionally and physically the most difficult trip to date, of all of my trips. Somehow my zeal for missions was exponentially increased. Definitely a “God thing.” One day, during a devotional time, God gave me a scripture that I immediately internalized. “Anyone who loves hisContinue reading “Christmas presents”

Lessons learned by the Grinch

Well, tonight was my first Sanctuary Christmas party. I learned a few valuable lessons that will not leave my memory for a long time, and I have some thoughts about life in general that I think it’s time to divulge. First of all, I learned not to have a bad attitude about games. If youContinue reading “Lessons learned by the Grinch”