There are some days when I am utterly and totally amazed at what God does. And then there are days like today. Days when there are literally no words.

The Sanctuary is, by far, the most generous church that I’ve attended. We adopted two families this Christmas. God’s not only supplied every request made, I’m fairly certain that their expectations have been exceeded!!! Tomorrow I have the opportunity to take the items, along with two beautiful women from my church, to the township. I am completely astonished by the generosity of this group of people. I can only imagine how overwhelmed the township will be. The families…I can’t even fathom.

Today at lunch, a “chance” encounter occured. Colleen and I ran into old friends from our old church…my former pastor’s sister and her family. It was awesome because there was no weirdness, no awkward pause. It just was. Movie tickets were offered…they will be coming to see The Nativity Story along with Jim and Dawn, her parents. I cannot wait. God has done so much healing in the past two months. I actually want them to come to the movie. Just because I want to see them, love them, hug them…it’s amazing how sometimes I don’t realize that I miss people until I see them. Weird, eh?

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