Uncharted territory

I am blessed, humbled, excited beyond comprehension right now. I’ve never been in this place before…this is uncharted territory for me, which is alright with me.

Tonight we had our monthly leadership meeting…we call them leadership roundtables. We caught the path that God wants our church to walk. I know I’ve said this before, and I know that I’ll say it again and again, but The Sanctuary is what I always dreamed church could be but never thought it would be.

As Colleen and I were driving home, I realized something. When I am with the men and women of my church, I am more of who I am than when I’m not with them. Please hear my heart on this one. It’s not a co-dependent kind of thing. It is an iron sharpening iron deal. Whenever I am around these wonderful people, I feel God challenging me to be more of who I am, and everything within me responds. I don’t try for the reaction. It just happens. It just is.

I cannot wait for the Ladies retreat this weekend. I really love the women of my church. I love them because they’ve taught me how to be more of a woman and how not to fear women.

For the record, that’s the third fear conquered in a week: hospitals, women and cancer. (I’m still not going to unlearn my fear of roller coasters. I like that one!)

One thought on “Uncharted territory

  1. Isn’t funny how when we are doing the “heart” work our perspectives and attitudes change….hmmmm. Can’t say it enough, couldn’t imaginge this journey without you!

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