Lessons learned by the Grinch

Well, tonight was my first Sanctuary Christmas party. I learned a few valuable lessons that will not leave my memory for a long time, and I have some thoughts about life in general that I think it’s time to divulge.

First of all, I learned not to have a bad attitude about games. If you do, you will be labeled The Grinch. Literally. You’ll have to wear the tag on your back and then on your arm. For the whole night.

Secondly, I learned that calories cannot and must not be considered real on the night of a gathering of the people of The Sanctuary. I thought that I did pretty well with my eating tonight. However, I am avoiding sharp objects at all costs because I’m afraid that if I come into contact with a sharp object that I may pop.

I think that the person who invented the chocolate fountain is evil incarnate. Who can resist flowing chocolate? If you are one of the ten people in the world who don’t like chocolate, shame on you 🙂 Seriously, though. If you add together the flowing chocolate and the handmade marshmallows, you have a PMS dream come true. (Sorry gentlemen. But…yeah…it’s true.)

Seriously. I’ve been to some church functions involving food. But I’ve never been to a function where the people brought so much food that two trays of food were thrown in the trash. Usually people bring a bit of this and that. But at The Sanctuary, we all bring enough food to feed the entire clan. Oh yeah. Did I mention that all of the food was out of this world??? Usually I find something about which I can complain, because I am a food snob. Not tonight.

I was so apprehenisve about going to the party. I always have anxiety about being in groups of people. I love people, but I’m not good at small talk and mingling. I’m just not a good mingler. But tonight was awesome. God has placed me in such a great group of people. Quirky, funny, caring, generous, compassionate.

I thank God for The Sanctuary. I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it a million more times. It is what I always thought church could be, but never thought it would be.

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