Emotions happen, y’all

Over the years, I’ve been taught, encouraged, almost coached to suppress my emotions. Ok, let me be more specific. Happy was good. Anger was understandable. Fear was normal…but we pretended it wasn’t always sitting on our shoulder, holding onto our throats. Sadness was present quite often…but it was fed. Tears…that was the no-go danger zone.Continue reading “Emotions happen, y’all”

Love conquers all

When you love someone, love them where they are, at this very moment in time. Love should be unconditional, affection with no limits or conditions. Loving people teaches a lot about oneself. The people who are attracted to us in different stages of our lives are mirrors of where we are/were at that point inContinue reading “Love conquers all”

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

For the past few days I’ve been abiding in the land of coulda, shoulda, woulda. I know that there is nothing I could’ve done. I did everything I could when I was in the situation. At its height, it was a lot of fun. At its low, it was heart shattering. I wonder, though, whatContinue reading “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda”

St Patty’s Whirlwind

I am amazed at my dedication to celebrating a holiday I’ve never acknowledged before.   I usually live a pretty boring life.  Work.  Consulting.  Gym.  Little leage baseball.  Tanning.  Reading.  Blogging. Occasionally I go out with my friends.  Usually once every two weeks or so.  I like to pace myself. This weekend, I filled myContinue reading “St Patty’s Whirlwind”

I should take my own advice

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend who is living out her dream…I mean the kind of dream that you have when you are eight years old.  She was trying so hard to explain to me everything–the emotions, the excitement, the dream hangover of the next day.  She was frustrated because the words escapedContinue reading “I should take my own advice”

You’re a waffle, I’m spaghetti…

Life is really interesting.  Everyday I wake up and smile.  I’m really interested to see what each day holds..what will transpire.  This morning I actually took the time to make sure that I was presentable at work.  Our new AA started.  She’s a really nice woman.  When I went into my favorite coffee shop, theyContinue reading “You’re a waffle, I’m spaghetti…”