You’re a waffle, I’m spaghetti…

Life is really interesting.  Everyday I wake up and smile.  I’m really interested to see what each day holds..what will transpire.  This morning I actually took the time to make sure that I was presentable at work.  Our new AA started.  She’s a really nice woman.  When I went into my favorite coffee shop, they all looked at me and guessed that there is a man involved in the way that I look.  I just kind of smiled.  My morning crew at the coffee shop keeps it real….and they keep me grounded….yet they also keep me moving forward.

This weekend at church, my pastor talked about how men and women are different, and about how we have to value the differences and not try to make men women and women men.  I appreciate that so much.  I don’t want a man who is going to be all feminine…I want him to listen to my problems and come up with solutions rather than feeling my emotions and adding to them.  I have one guy in particular in my life who does that.  He will listen to me and tell me, “Deneen, you need to do (((insert advice here.)))  Let’s take the emotion out and look at this situation objectively.”  I value him more than most of my friends, because most of my friends won’t do that.  I don’t get the sense when he gives me advice that he is doing it for his own benefit (most of the time, at least.)  I have the sense that he truly wants what is best for me.  He’s a good guy 🙂

The rest of this week is going to be very busy…dinner out Thurs, training on Friday, Happy hour friday, work saturday, dinner saturday night, church on sunday…back to work on monday.  I’m tired just thinking about it.  But….I’m looking forward to it as well.  I just have a feeling….a good feeling. 

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