Deep thoughts…by me

This morning, I was listening to a playlist on my iPod, and “This is my now” came on.  There is a line that says something to the effect that I am more than the sum of my yesterdays.  That really struck me.  I am not guaranteed tomorrow.  And I can’t change yesterday.  I can only live my life to the fullest.  Today.  Now.  I am starting to take this more seriously.  Taking risks emotionally that I hadn’t in the past.  It’s actually kind of fun. 

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2 Responses to Deep thoughts…by me

  1. chill pastor says:

    who might be the artist of that tune? Your friendly chill pastor may use it in a blog…

    btw…I was very impressed the way you handled your Pats. They did get out played. They have nothing to be ashamed of…good stuff


  2. deneenwhite says:

    Jordin Sparks. They sang it a few times last season on American Idol..

    And thanks. It wasn’t easy to be so….growed up.

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