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Temporal vs eternal

I’m realizing just how much of my focus has been on the temporal versus the eternal. I’ve been in survival mode. I’m trying to keep afloat physically. My health hasn’t been great and the exhaustion has been overwhelming. I’m trying … Continue reading

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Hello I’m Hashimotos

A friend sent this to me…and I’ve seen in on multiple Hypothyroid/Hashimotos groups. I thought I’d share it here…   Hi. My name is Hashimoto’s. I’m an invisible autoimmune disease that attacks your thyroid gland causing you to become hypothyroid. … Continue reading

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Last night my friend called my current season of life a pressing season. I don’t know what season I’m in but I’m calling uncle. This past weekend was one of the most emotionally difficult I’ve had…and that includes being in … Continue reading

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Last night I had a moment that hit me hard…in the best way. I went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday and met someone who knows someone I know. He and I got to talking about the circumstances under which … Continue reading

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Who’s 37???

I remember when 37 was ancient. Now I find myself 37 and so far so good. I am thankful that God keeps giving me another day. I’m fully aware, after losing so many people this year, that I’m only guaranteed … Continue reading

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I’m in the middle of this season in my life that makes me more uncomfortable than any other. I’m learning (still) how to receive. I thought I learned this lesson years ago, but apparently I didn’t. God is preparing me, … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and hurricanes and unemployment, oh my!

Usually the northeastern region of the US is okay for weather….hot summers, cold winters but few natural disasters. Tuesday I was standing in a building, waiting to give blood for my sister’s class and all of a sudden, I find … Continue reading

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Last night, on my way into the city, I stopped at Wawa for some money.  As I was walking into the store, I noticed minivans and small SUV’s driven by men and women, tired from a long day of carting … Continue reading

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I’m a mess

I’m not usually a self-centered person.  I generally consider others’ needs over my own.  I will give and give and give until I have nothing left to give.  I’m not usually an ego person either.  I am willing to do … Continue reading

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Heart driven

I’m a heart person who is driven by emotions.  I don’t know how not to be.  I’ve read books.  I’ve been lectured.  I’ve tried to be rational. You see, the thing is that, while I am a task oriented achiever, … Continue reading

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