Well…I am officially employed.

It happened quickly. On a whim, I sent my resume. Less than 30 minutes later, I had an interview. About 24 hours later, I had an offer.

I wasn’t expecting any of this. That’s probably why God opened the door.

When you’ve had as much rejection as I have in the past few months…the long interview processes ending in, “Thank you, but we’ve gone with another candidate” or worse…dead silence…you set your expectations really low.

I am really excited about this opportunity. I am going to be able to use my strengths in a way I haven’t been able to in a long time. The doctors are both great. The office is beautiful.

Tonight, as I was praying, thanking God for this opportunity, I was brought to tears. God knows our every need. God knows the end from the beginning.

I lost trust in Him. Hence the tears. He proved Himself faithful. He worked in the last 24 hours the way He used to work in my life. I truly know that the best is yet to come.

Please pray for me. This is going to be a transition for me. And for the office. I need God’s favor and grace while I get myself into a schedule.

2 thoughts on “Suddenly?

  1. So excited for you! Schedules are a bummer, but you can do it.

    PS, you wrote: “He worked in the last 24 hours the way He used to work in my life.”
    He never stopped working in your life. His operation may have become less visible for a while, but He never stopped.

    Blessings on your new job!

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