You have ACES, baby!

We are all dealt a hand of cards when we’re born. Genetics. Family. Geography.

But…how you play the hand is up to you.

Last night, I was watching a poker game. Everyone at the table plays a certain character at the table.

The old dude who is extra chatty and drunk.

The aloof guy who pretends not to know what he’s doing.

The guy with the big stack of chips.

They all have one goal in common…to win more chips than they lose. To win more hands than they lose.

You and I can have the same hand and see/play it completely differently.

Want to know a secret? We’ve ALL been dealt a pair of aces.

You see…you have the power to play your pair of aces like they’re a pair of aces…of you can play them like they’re a pair of fives. No one at the table knows the difference…it’s all about your energy and how you approach the situation.

I can hear your doubts.

I don’t know your life.

I don’t know your circumstances.

I don’t know what you’ve been through.

You’re right. I don’t.

But what I DO know is that YOU have a superpower inside of you. You were born with it.


What is something that you love to do…even if you don’t get paid to do it?

What is that you love to do that other hate to do?

What is something that is so fucking easy for you that it is just a part of you?

Tap into THAT shit.

That there is your pair of aces.

If you want help finding your superpower…keep following along. This ride is going to get exciting.

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