It’s funny.  Tomorrow makes one year since I started working for my currentl company.  It hardly seems that it has been a year…though it also seems like it has been a lifetime.  I never thought I would be able to speak dentalese as well as I can.  And…I understand (most) of the language.  I still only understand about three words of Korean…and only when I speak them.  Maybe that can be my goal for the next twelve months…

Tomorrow, we have our new AA starting.  That means, theoretically at least, in a few weeks, I will be able to focus solely on training and she will work with the sales reps in our office, meeting all of their dental implant needs.  Thank goodness!  The sales reps need help, and I need someone to provide them with the help.

Suddenly, it seems like things are happening work-wise.  I’ve waited so long for this progress…and I am thankful that the wheels are all turning.  I just hope that the pride in me doesn’t kick in when the sales reps start depending on my new compatriot instead of me.  I pray that I tap into the patience that has been developing as I am training this poor girl.  I asked many times what I am supposed to teach her.  I was told, “Download everything you know into her brain.”  Yeah.  She doesn’t want to know everything in my beady little head 🙂  It’s a scary place.

Oh yeah…my Pats disappointed me last night.  They were completely outplayed by the Giants.  The Giants’ defense shut down our office.  My only solace in the loss is that they were beaten, they did not beat themselves.

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