I should take my own advice

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend who is living out her dream…I mean the kind of dream that you have when you are eight years old. 

She was trying so hard to explain to me everything–the emotions, the excitement, the dream hangover of the next day.  She was frustrated because the words escaped her to describe the experience.

I found myself giving some of the best advice I ever had–and I can take no credit, because it is contrary to everything that I do myself.  I found myself telling her to stop trying to put labels on the moments but rather to drink in the experience.  Live in the moment.  I guess reading that Eckhart Tolle book is having an effect on me. 

I have to do this myself.  Instead of looking back to what now seems so perfect, or looking ahead to what I want to happen, I have to enjoy the little moments of today.  The less frequent moments where my niece and nephews want to sit with me and watch tv…or spend time with me.  Those times when I know I am learning a lesson that will follow me throughout my life.

She had to make a phone call to show her passion and her thankfulness for this dream moment.  Essentially she had to seize the day and put herself out there…become vulnerable to become stronger and have the desire of her heart become reality. 

For me, vulnerability is a four-letter-word.  It’s gotten me hurt pretty badly in the past.  I have to remember…this experience is not the other experience.  It’s a new situation. 

Carpe diem.

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