St Patty’s Whirlwind

I am amazed at my dedication to celebrating a holiday I’ve never acknowledged before.  

I usually live a pretty boring life.  Work.  Consulting.  Gym.  Little leage baseball.  Tanning.  Reading.  Blogging. Occasionally I go out with my friends.  Usually once every two weeks or so.  I like to pace myself.

This weekend, I filled my quota for about three months of socializing.

I made some new friends.  I became a band groupie.  haha.  I got way too little sleep and had way too much fun.  I saw new parts of Philadelphia.  I had some of the best Chinese food in the city.    My face is posted all over facebook.  

I danced.  Willingly.  Don’t tell anyone.  That has to be our little secret.  

St. Patrick, thank you for chasing all of the snakes out of Ireland.  I had a great time this weekend.

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