I’m in the middle of this season in my life that makes me more uncomfortable than any other. I’m learning (still) how to receive. I thought I learned this lesson years ago, but apparently I didn’t. God is preparing me, but I can’t fathom for what. I’ll give you examples. I have an upcoming vacation.Continue reading “Receiving…”

St Patty’s Whirlwind

I am amazed at my dedication to celebrating a holiday I’ve never acknowledged before.   I usually live a pretty boring life.  Work.  Consulting.  Gym.  Little leage baseball.  Tanning.  Reading.  Blogging. Occasionally I go out with my friends.  Usually once every two weeks or so.  I like to pace myself. This weekend, I filled myContinue reading “St Patty’s Whirlwind”


I’m in an ambigous place right now.   I love my life.  My job(s) are going really well.  I’ve adjusted to the dental industry–specifically in a dental office–fairly well.  Sometimes it still doesn’t feel like a real job.  I love the consultation part of my life.  Planning, executing and seeing the end results are veryContinue reading “Ambiguity”

Two pretty guys and a lady walk into a bar

You know what?  I have a pretty good life.  I’m going to be 33 in two weeks, and last night I realized something.  I am set in my ways.  I have a good job.  I don’t really answer to anyone.  I enjoy my freedom.  I had dinner with my friend, and then we went back to hisContinue reading “Two pretty guys and a lady walk into a bar”

You should really enjoy this time

The range of responses one receives when writing about singleness is astonishing.  My mom really floored me when she commented on the blog about divorce.  We had a talk about how I know that it’s irrational for me to be afraid of divorce, and how I know that my grandparents loved each other until hisContinue reading “You should really enjoy this time”

Latest series

It seems that my posts on relationships from my perspective…you know, that of a single gal, seem to be causing a little bit of a stir. I’m NOT anti-marriage.  I can’t just see some reasons why some people wouldn’t want to get married. I’m NOT looking to rush into marriage…or into a relationship.  Being singleContinue reading “Latest series”

Many of the married people I know aren’t all that happy

I know lots of married people that are not happy.  They look at one another with contempt.  They say, verbally or non-verbally, that they wish they had never gotten married.  The mutter the “d” word..divorce, that is.  They fight over the most mundane things–what brand of dish soap is next to the sink, food shopping. Continue reading “Many of the married people I know aren’t all that happy”

Love-hate relationship with romantic comedies

This weekend I watched the movie 27 Dresses.  It was a pretty good movie.  I currently have a love-hate relationship with romantic comedies because of an ongoing dialogue that I have had for the past few months. I am a romantic at heart, as much as I fight it.  If only my parents didn’t haveContinue reading “Love-hate relationship with romantic comedies”