I’m in the middle of this season in my life that makes me more uncomfortable than any other. I’m learning (still) how to receive.

I thought I learned this lesson years ago, but apparently I didn’t. God is preparing me, but I can’t fathom for what.

I’ll give you examples.

I have an upcoming vacation. I’m responsible for getting myself to the launch point and home and incidentals. It’s a very nice vacation. I’ve been blessed beyond comprehension…and it overwhelmed me to tears.

Someone paid off my car for me. PAID OFF MY CAR. Asked nothing in return. An albatross was removed from my neck…and all I could do was say thank you through grateful tears.

A friend bought me lunch today. Humbled me and again…almost brought me to tears. Over a salad.

Somewhere along the way, I forgot that I am a child of the loving God who gave His son, his only Son for me. My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills…and He delights in me. In ME. My Father delights in doing things for me…just because. I can never repay Him…I’ve done nothing to deserve His goodness…yet He delights in me.

I am thankful for what God is doing…I am thankful for the people in my life who are faithful in following God’s promptings to bless me.

To whom much is given, much is required. I look forward to what God will do over the next few months…and part of me is shaking in my boots.

2 thoughts on “Receiving…

  1. Am blessed by this cos am in a similar situation but in different way. The Lord’s been reminding me and showing that I never earned or deserved His grace, hence the reason it’s grace, and His goodness. At times we forget and try to “earn it”, but all we He needs us to do is receive His overwhelming and incomprehensible love in faith. He’s a Merciful and Loving Father and that’s a good place to stand; in His Love. Thanks for sharing once again, am really blessed by your posts even though i fail to reply to them :). Stay blessed…

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