You should really enjoy this time

The range of responses one receives when writing about singleness is astonishing.  My mom really floored me when she commented on the blog about divorce.  We had a talk about how I know that it’s irrational for me to be afraid of divorce, and how I know that my grandparents loved each other until his death. 

One of the resounding themes of discussions has been that I should enjoy this time in my life.  Perhaps I’ve not been clear on this.  I am enjoying this time in my life.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some struggles.  I don’t want people–married or single–to feel bad for me.  But I also wanted to point out that it’s not necessarily a walk in the park everyday, either.

Recently at work, one of my bosses told me that I really need to take time to see circumstances from the other person’s perspective.  This past series was my attempt in allowing all five of my readers to see things from my circumstances. 

And heck, it’s my blog.  I can write whatever I want, so there.  🙂

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