Over 50% of marriages end in divorce

I was one of the few people in my high school whose parents were not divorced.  At times, as bizarre as this will sound, I felt left out because I didn’t get juggled between parents.  I didn’t understand the blessing of stability.

But, my world was rocked at a very young age by divorce.  My mom’s parents got divorced when I was a kid.  I love my grandmother, but the sun rose and set on my grandfather.  He remains the only man whose motorcycle I have ridden.  I remember the scent of his cherry tobacco from his pipe.  I remember the sound of his voice when he would walk in the front door of our house.  I remember sitting awkwardly in my grandmother’s kitchen when he would come visit her house.  I remember the color of the sky and the deep grief I experience when he died when I was seven years old.  As if it were yesterday.

When I get married, I plan on being married until forever.  I don’t want to be a statistic.  I want to beat the odds.  The thing is that way before I knew what the Bible says on the issue of divorce, I decided I would rather be single than ever divorce.  My grandparents’ divorce tore me in half. 

Divorce scares the crap out of me.  Point. Blank. Period.  I can use this as an excuse never to get married.  Or I can face my fears and make a decision to work at marriage (one day) and not become a statistic. 

One day….one day.

4 thoughts on “Over 50% of marriages end in divorce

  1. Your grandparents lived seperate for a year til grandpop’s death. divorce never came up.
    They truely loved each other.

    Your grandfather
    in a moment of weakness was with another woman. In the bible didn’t Soloman’s mother warn her son of such times?

    Growing up I saw the radiating love between them. They were very affectionate towards each other. She lived and breathed for him.
    She would be doing the dishes and he would come behind her and just hug her.
    He made special time for them the went dancing to dinners and socials alot.
    He was very proud of his wife.

    I believe your grandfather could not live with his betrayal of their love. They seperated a year before he moved out he seperated and changed.
    He supported your grandmother and aunt til the day he died.
    He worked two jobs at the age when others slowed down.

    I believe when the right man comes you will know.
    I believe it is a God thing. Discernment
    I believe that when the right person comes along they see the inner beauty more than the outer beauty. Your soul mate will see you with Gods eyes.

    I know when I met your father it was at first sight I knew and he knew.

    We don’t have a perfect relationship no one does. We love each other very much.
    We have alot of pressure and we both have different ways of handling them.
    He is a man and I am a woman.
    He is passive and I am turning more aggressive
    When it is just the two of us we have no problems. Things are so different when we are just us.
    I really don’t like being away from him more than a few hours.
    Money has always been an issue.
    We have been through alot we have worked for eveything we have.
    Sometimes I get resentful of his passive ways they don’t help anyone.
    Dad could live in a shack and be happy.
    In the mountains with the stream and no one around. Except his family he couldn’t survive without them.

    Don’t be afraid of marriage.

    You know how to set boundaries.
    This way others can not interfere with your marriage.

    It is more likely that the marriages ending in seperation or divorce had outside sources that tore the core of the relationship.
    Remember you need common interest as well as love. mom

  2. I LOVE YOUR MOTHER!!! & in all seriousness…I can tell you, the first time I met Barry my heart just knew…I swear…he was a complete mess that night (I believe I shared the beauty…or lack there of, of our first meeting) but…it was there…in his eyes when he looked at me. i knew he saw the real me & he loved it!!! & i know it’ll happen to you…you’re simply incredible & just beautiful, my friend! 🙂

    how hot is it that mommy reads your blog…i don’t think mine knows how to find mine…i love that- SHE ROCKS!!!!

  3. The web address of my blog made it easy for her to find. She told me that she couldn’t remember the address of my blog. I asked her if she knows my name…then told her to add dot com at the end. She thought I was crazy and then laughed.

    My mom has some really amazing moments.

    I’m not worried about “it” happening to me. I think for me it’s going to be more like a fine wine aging than a whirlwind romance. But we’ll see.

  4. it’s so beautiful to read what you’re written and to read what your mother wrote.. so so beautiful =)

    by Him all things consist =)

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