Latest series

It seems that my posts on relationships from my perspective…you know, that of a single gal, seem to be causing a little bit of a stir.

I’m NOT anti-marriage.  I can’t just see some reasons why some people wouldn’t want to get married.

I’m NOT looking to rush into marriage…or into a relationship.  Being single is where I am right now.  That’s not to say that I’m not open to being in a relationship.  But for now, I’m single.  And I’m okay with it.

The timing of this “series” is kind of interesting.  The other day Carlos Whittaker wrote a post asking for gender and relationship status.  And I’ve had a few hits from his site.  I wonder if I’m giving people of the male variety the right impression.  Guess it’s too late to wonder that now 🙂  Either way, I’m absolutely entertained.

One thought on “Latest series

  1. I think it is an awesome time.
    I remember when you were about two years Your Uncle was single.
    He was on this hunt for the perfect wife.
    He had this crazy image of the wife he wanted he went on vacatons in Mexico looking.
    One day he flew across the big pond to England for a romantic dinner.
    He finally met your aunt right there in good old Cambridge Mass that is.
    She was of course one of the most beautiful people.
    She was born in Africa, So he did get what he was looking for.

    I can vouche for cooking, exceptional!
    Whoever the lucky man is will have to fight your father he has grown very use to you being here.
    Just kidding I will tie his butt to the bed if I have to!
    Live your life to the fullest and God will always be there to have your back!
    No worries Your His special child first.

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