Love-hate relationship with romantic comedies

This weekend I watched the movie 27 Dresses.  It was a pretty good movie.  I currently have a love-hate relationship with romantic comedies because of an ongoing dialogue that I have had for the past few months.

I am a romantic at heart, as much as I fight it.  If only my parents didn’t have such a great story, my life would be a lot easier 🙂  I love a good story.  I’m a dreamer, I’m a writer.  I tend to see things as part of a greater narrative rather than as a group of individual events.  I want to see how all of the dots connect together.  I also tend to put myself into movies that I watch.  Maybe I’m childish enough to believe that everything is relatable to my life in some capacity.  I cry on cue in movies, I laugh on cue and somehow, I believe that if it can happen in the movies it can happen to me. 

But, though I would love to be swept up in a great romance, I know that isn’t reality.  People don’t meet, fall in love and get married in 90 minutes, unless they are really drunk, in Vegas and near the chapels.

There are more men like the columnist in 27 Dresses than you can imagine.  I’ve had more conversations with guys who are reticent to marry and commit in the past few months than I can count on all of my digits. Everyone has a valid, logical reason for their fears…I mean logic…I mean fear…I mean logic.  More than 50% of all marriages end in divorce.  Most of the maried people I know aren’t really all that happy.  I’m enjoying single life.  I find myself saying the same things.  And honestly, I kind of think that I am starting to believe some of them. 

So, check out my blog over the next few days as I flesh some of these things out.  Hopefully we can have some sort of conversation.  Talk amongst yourselves.


One thought on “Love-hate relationship with romantic comedies

  1. hey…super happily married over here…& i’ve got a single brother-in-law…LOL! i love you & that movie…there really are good ones out there…you’ve apparently not trolled around enough creepy places with me yet…i found B in a SUPER DUPER creepy place! LOL!!!

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