Yea, though I walk through the valley

I’m not good at vulnerable. I’m not good at trust. I’m not good at grace. I’m not good at love. I have to learn to be vulnerable, to trust. God has surrounded me by some amazing women who love Him, who just love life and live. I find myself trying to keep my emotions, myContinue reading “Yea, though I walk through the valley”

Growing up in faith

I always considered myself an empathetic person…I thought that I understood people’s experiences and circumstances even though I had never walked a mile in those shoes.  Boy was I wrong. I’ve talked to people who had relatives who have cancer.  I really thought that I understood since I had two grandparents who had cancer andContinue reading “Growing up in faith”

Reaping what you’ve sown

I am generally a person who gives to give.  I don’t expect repayment…I genuinely love to give.  When people are down and out, I try to give them comfort, laughter, a shoulder on which to cry.  When people are in need, and I have, I give.  I would give just about anyone the shirt offContinue reading “Reaping what you’ve sown”