Dragon slayer

So, yesterday was one of the most difficult days I’ve had in a long time. At one point I felt like Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty. There’s a scene where he feels like God has destroyed his life, and he challenges God to bring it on. I’m totally paraphrasing and probably remembering wrong…lol…but that’s what I felt like.

I had a talk with someone about everything that I’ve gone through since October. Listing everything was…overwhelming to say the least. Frankly, I got really depressed for a little while.

But, then I decided that I couldn’t sit around crying about what I cannot change. I mean, I could, but who wants to cry themselves to sleep? So, I went to youtube, found myself some comedy and laughed myself senseless. And I watched the Phillies win their second game in a row.

Life is about perspective. Yes, my life has been a living hell for the past 9-10 months. But, even with all of the stress, I have a pretty good life…a lot better than a lot of people.

And…I have something that a lot of people say they have but don’t truly have. I have faith, knowing that God is only allowing me to go through experiences that I need to build strength and endurance in me for what He has for my life. God has shown me things over the years that are my birthright. Apparently, I’m going to need to slay dragons and run marathons emotionally and spiritually….cause that’s the kind of training I’m in right now.

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