Life has been challenging lately.  Nothing is coming easily.  I’m not whining about my life, because for the most part, my life is good.  There are just *things* that keep coming up just when I think that life is running smoothly.

I have some great friends.  I know that I don’t show my appreciation as much–or as well–as I should.  The hard drive on my computer went bad, so I found myself computerless for two weeks.  A friend lent me a computer so that I wouldn’t have the shakes from withdrawal…lol.

The same friend keeps challenging the crap out of me.  I appreciate–even welcome–the challenges.  I still haven’t grown my duck feathers though.  When I receive criticism–or a compliment–it has to marinate.  I don’t leave the room skipping through a field of daisies, looking forward to the brighter days.  I have to process what just happened.  There are some changes in my life that need to be made that will be a process.  Perhaps a long process.  As frustrating as it is for the people in my life to deal with my *stuff* it is for me to have that *stuff.*

Right now I have a lot to process.  I’m trying not to be too worried about my mom, but something about cancer freaks me out.  Working on Thursday when she was having surgery was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.  I know work was where I was supposed to be.  That does not make it easy.  I’ll go through this again in a few weeks when she goes to her first chemo treatment.  And then when she goes through radiation.  My mom drives me insane, but I love her.  She’s my mom.

Denette and I had a great weekend in upstate NY this weekend.  We laughed all the way up and late into the night on Friday.  I think we both needed the time to bond.  I am thankful that my sister and I are so close.  I don’t know what I would do without her, frankly.  Saturday we went on a wine tour of Lake Cayuga in the Fingerlakes.  Sooooo nice.  We discovered a new favorite winery with new friends.  We’ve already started planning Winetour 2010–Keuka Lake.  I cannot wait.

So, though life is challenging, I have much to look forward to.  Next year two of my best friends are getting married.  I get to go to UConn for a weekend for one of the two weddings.  In autumn.  It’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta live it.

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