My wolf pack

I’ve come to realize, over the past few months, how much I need people.  I’ve always wanted to have people in my life who would just speak truthfully to me…not try to please me, not try to make me feel better…just to speak the truth that, at times, I don’t want to hear to me.  I used to joke with my friends that I needed a me in my life.

Be careful what you ask for.  Because…when you get it, sometimes it’s startling.

For the first time in my life, I have a bunch of people in my life who tell me the truth, whether or not I want to hear it.

Recently I felt wronged by someone.  I was telling my friend, not realizing that I thought I was wronged.  Slightly more gently that I’m going to relay it, he told me that it was my fault.  I have to admit that I was taken aback.  I wanted sympathy.  I wanted to hear how wrong the other person was.  What I did hear, however, was what I needed to hear.  I need to value myself enough not to let people walk over me.  I’ve been telling people that for a long time.  Shocking to hear it come my way from someone.  I know I’ve been told the same thing before.  I guess I can hear things from this guy that I can’t or don’t from other people.

I’ve always felt like a lone wolf without a pack.  It seems that I have a pack now.  I like having a pack.

PS–I think that The Hangover may become as quoted in my life as The Holy Grail.  I never thought it would happen with any other movie.

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