Hard decisions

When I signed up to be an adult, no one told me all of the nuances and responsibilities. I think that perhaps a handbook should be formulated to let you know that one day you may have to make decisions that, in the long run, are best for people but that, in the short time, will piss them off and alienate them. ‘Cause if someone told me that, I would have stayed 17. Forever.

I’m not the person that you consult if you don’t want the true answers that you are hiding from. I’m not afraid to confront you if you are doing something that is harmful-emotionally, physically, psychologically.

I’ve had to do this with my friends. I’ve had to do it with different family members. What is going on right now is the most difficult situation I’ve ever found myself facing. And that includes my mom having cancer. Two forms of cancer. One of which was STAGE 4.

You see, I’m protective of those I love. A hungry lioness has nothing on me. I’ll tear out your throat and not think twice. My protective nature is exponentially higher when it comes to my niece and nephews.

So, I had to make a stand to protect my niece and nephews. In doing so, I may have alienated my best friend…the only person who’s been my friend all of my life. I’m a wreck right now. But I know, in the long run, I did what was best for the kids. And for her. And for my parents.

But…my heart aches. My heart aches because one of the most beautiful, funny, smart, loving, caring women I know is being deceived by someone who doesn’t like her at all. He likes himself, and he is using her to get what he wants. He is sweet talking a naive, broken woman into believe that he loves her. He is making empty promises that will be broken. One day he is going to burn in hell. Because boys like him don’t change. They just find new victims.

All I can do right now is pray. Because God is bigger than anything.  Bigger than the air I breathe.

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