I know that God works all things for good for those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.  I have used those words so many times while comforting people who were going through circumstances that I couldn’t fathom.  I knew the words to be true, but I never had to know the words to be true in my own life.  I’ve had a relatively easy life.  I’ve never gone hungry–unless I was on a diet.  I’ve never been thirsty for long.  My family has been healthy.

Right now I find myself in a place where I have to walk out the faith that I’ve been speaking for most of my life.

God isn’t surprised that my mom has cancer.  God is bigger than cancer.  The God that I serve is the Lord that heals.  By His stripes, she is healed.  God will use cancer to prove Himself faithful.  The Holy Spirit will be my Comforter.  The Holy Spirit will fill my mouth with the words that need to be spoken.  The joy of the Lord will be my strength.

My choice is to walk the walk that I’ve been chosen to walk, or I can prove myself to be a hypocrite.  Who am I to declare the awesome power of God to my friends when they are walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death yet cower in a corner when I need God the most?  How selfish am I to not allow my friend to walk with me through this season in my life when they want to?

One of my friends told me she was honored that I asked her to pray for my family. WHAT?  Who says that?  A friend.  A true friend who, after five years of silence, walks alongside me as if we had just spoken yesterday.

My friends are gems in my treasure chest.  Some are diamonds, some are sapphires, some are pearls, but all are priceless to me right now.

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