Fear Factor

Well, mom has her third chemo treatment tomorrow.  Have I mentioned how much I loathe cancer?  ‘Cause I do.  The first two treatments weren’t so horrible…residual lethargy and minimal nausea.  At this juncture the emotional part is the most difficult. She thought that she would be fine if she lost her hair.  She thought she’dContinue reading “Fear Factor”

Thanksgiving wildcards

It’s ironic to me that this week is Thanksgiving.  So much to be thankful for…so many wildcards in the deck.  I’m looking forward to the short work week followed by a whole 7 days out of the office.  I may have the shakes by next Wednesday, though…lol I’m thankful that I’m going to be withContinue reading “Thanksgiving wildcards”

Laughter in the cancer ward

So, I’m a few days late with the update on my mom.  But here it is. Mom had the breast cancer lump removed on Monday.  The lymph nodes on the cancer side tested negative.  God is good. She’ll start chemo in a few weeks which will last a few months.  After chemo she starts radiation.Continue reading “Laughter in the cancer ward”

Reaping what you’ve sown

I am generally a person who gives to give.  I don’t expect repayment…I genuinely love to give.  When people are down and out, I try to give them comfort, laughter, a shoulder on which to cry.  When people are in need, and I have, I give.  I would give just about anyone the shirt offContinue reading “Reaping what you’ve sown”

Report on mi madre

We got the news on mom.  She has breast cancer.  It’s a small lump that they’re going to remove.  Sounds like it will be outpatient surgery.  She also has a mild case of lymphoma.  They’re going to treat it with chemotherapy. I don’t want to cry anymore about cancer.  I can’t.  But I find myselfContinue reading “Report on mi madre”

If there’s anything I can do…

If I had a dollar for every time I said to someone, “If there’s something I can do, please let me know.” I’d be a very rich person.  When I saw that, I mean it from the center of my being.  What I never really comprehended, until now, is that there are times that thereContinue reading “If there’s anything I can do…”