Here’s an update, since I’m being uncharacteristically quiet here on my  blog.

Mom is having round two of surgery on Oct 22.  The surgeon wants to take another millimeter or two of tissue out from where the tumor in her breast was.  She was shocked.  Dad was shocked.  I was kind of…angry.  I know that she’s in good hands, but one would think that they would take more than less to keep her from needing surgery a second time.  Chemo starts 3-4 weeks after surgery, so we’re looking at a end time of treatment in May if you take into account chemo and radiation.

I HATE cancer.  In case you were wondering.  No matter how good the prognosis, it still flipping sucks.

I am amazed that God is putting people in my path, daily, to make me smile just when I need it.  One night, someone makes me laugh while pursuing one of his goals.  Another night, a friend restores my hope in romance through a conversation about The Notebook.  Another night a friend “randomly” pops into town for a few hours, reminding me of God’s faithfulness and the amazing friends that He’s placed into my life.

Basically, what I’m learning right now is that no matter what the circumstances going on in my life, God is giving me the strength–through seemingly random people–to smile at the end of the night.

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