Life is funny

It’s the holiday season…do de do…

It feels like an entire lifetime since I last wrote something here…maybe it has been.

My mom had her second treatment today.  I spoke with her, and she sounded pretty good.  She was good last time until she got the shot…that kind of knocked her out a bit, but she bounced back.

For some reason, this treatment has coincided with Jimmy V week on ESPN.  I still remember him calling college basketball games…I always liked him more than Dick Vitale.  It feels almost naughty to say that.  This morning I was listening to ESPN radio and they were talking about people who lost their lives to cancer.  Needless to say, I rationally screamed at the radio and changed the channel.  How flipping weird.

Sometimes I wonder what God is up to.  Especially now.  I had my life all planned out.  I was going to adopt some cats, get a mumu and call it a life.  Then I start hanging out with this guy I really like.  Who seems to like me.  Yeah…can you say monkey wrench? It’s been a while since this has happened…and I like it.  Bye bye mumus and cats…lol

I’m really interested to see where this road is taking me.  It could literally be anywhere.  We’re having fun, being goofy, and dreaming big.

I’m doing my best not to analyze what is going on…to just enjoy the ride.  Hands and feet inside the car.  Ready. Set. Go!

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