Laughter in the cancer ward

So, I’m a few days late with the update on my mom.  But here it is.

Mom had the breast cancer lump removed on Monday.  The lymph nodes on the cancer side tested negative.  God is good. She’ll start chemo in a few weeks which will last a few months.  After chemo she starts radiation.  The chemo should take care of the breast cancer as well as the lymphoma on the other side.  The radiation is happening because studies show that, for her type of breast cancer, chemo followed up by radiation equals a lower recurrence rate of cancer.

Dad, Denette and I had a good day Monday.  I really believe that the ugly c word is a blessing in disguise as it’s bringing all of us closer together.  Denette and I spent a good part of the day laughing.  We made friends with a woman whose son was having an operation on his cancer.  We got our usual, “Are you twins?”  That makes us laugh every time.

Mom is doing exceptionally well.  She has a lot of energy, is feeling very positive.  She made a list of people for me to call after the surgery and she called every one of those people herself.  She walked and talked to our neighbors…it was surreal.

Monday proved to me that God has really blessed me and my family.  When I found out mom had cancer, I was devastated.  But, after seeing what other people are experiencing, I know that this is nothing.  As tough as Monday was emotionally–I thank God for His blessings.  He seriously blew me away, and continues to daily.

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