Report on mi madre

We got the news on mom.  She has breast cancer.  It’s a small lump that they’re going to remove.  Sounds like it will be outpatient surgery.  She also has a mild case of lymphoma.  They’re going to treat it with chemotherapy.

I don’t want to cry anymore about cancer.  I can’t.  But I find myself doing it anyway.

I don’t have the sense that God is finished with my mom yet.  I’m not in denial.  I have a sense of when people will survive or not survive…even people close to me.  It’s gotten me into hot water with people of faith.  “Deneen, where’s your faith?”  I always wanted to respond with, “Where’s your discernment?” but that would’ve been mean.

But I digress.

So, it looks like mom has to suck it up and live.  Give up the cigarettes.  Cut back on sugar.  Maybe get a little active.

The next few months are probably going to be hectic…and emotionally trying.

I’m going to need my friends and extended family to allow me to be weak.  Because around my mom and immediate family, I’m going to have to be the strong one.

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