Last night I had a moment that hit me hard…in the best way.

I went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday and met someone who knows someone I know. He and I got to talking about the circumstances under which our mutual acquaintance and I know one another. The depth of grief I feel is still there…but I’m to the point wherein I am no longer angry. It’s only been 7 years.

A short while after he and I were speaking, in walked two more of my friends from the same era. As we took a picture and made it Facebook official that we were together, I had a sense of peace and God’s purpose.

Yes, we all walked through hell, quite literally. But out of hell came the deepest friendships in my life. As much as I am disappointed in man, I am stunned by the beauty that emerged from a fertilizer time in my life…only by the grace of God.

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