And the battle rages

Sleep eludes me. I am battle weary yet my mind trudged along as if I’ve slept all day.

In a few hours, mom will undergo surgery she’s put off for three years. Dad and I will be there for her. I’ll be the one with the dark circles under her eyes in the waiting room, Phillies hat pulled low. Let’s blame the circles on allergies, ok?

Meanwhile in Philly my grandmother is most likely not sleeping, alone by her own choosing, small cell lung cancer running rampant, untreated due to fear.

God is at work. Right now I think He’s insane. He trusts me so much more than He should. When I’m ready to call His bluff, He has another trump card…someone who encourages me, a scripture that strengthens my weakening faith, a sunny day with low humidity.

It’s no walk in the park, but the world better get ready. I’m in training right now that makes the Navy Seals training and CIA training seem like girl scout camp. If I can survive this with my sense of humor intact, I am as strong as He’s telling me I am…and that means that everything that’s been spoken over my life must be true.

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