By Your stripes…

God has been doing a remarkable act of healing in my life lately. I didn’t realize it until the past week or so.

I find myself comfortable in my skin. I am certainly no model, nor do I desire to be one. That being said, I am working hard on the outside of who I am, and the confidence from that work is starting to shine through.

I am taking control of my health. I had a physical, I was as open and honest with my doctor as I’ve ever been with any doctor, and she and I have come up with a plan including a nutritionist, a mammogram (woohoo), the ob-gyn (double woohoo) and a dermatologist. This also includes cutting down/cutting out gluten. This is a problem as I am in love with bread…but I’m willing to take one for the team so that I can feel fully human.

I am less afraid of taking risks emotionally than I was a few weeks ago. I shan’t go into too many details here, but I will say that I have opened myself up a bit more  int he past week or two than I have in a long time. I may just be able to allow myself to be happy.

All of these things may seem simple to the average person. For me, these things are proof that God is alive and well in my life, healing up some deep wounds. I pray that God continues to heal up those deep wounds, and that I will continue to allow Him to work.


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