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It’s funny how far a dollar can go

One of the most powerful sermons that I ever heard was at a Methodist church on the day that my nephew Isaac and my niece Isabella were baptized. As I walked into the church, proud to be my nephew’s God-mother, … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and hurricanes and unemployment, oh my!

Usually the northeastern region of the US is okay for weather….hot summers, cold winters but few natural disasters. Tuesday I was standing in a building, waiting to give blood for my sister’s class and all of a sudden, I find … Continue reading

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I’m a mess

I’m not usually a self-centered person.  I generally consider others’ needs over my own.  I will give and give and give until I have nothing left to give.  I’m not usually an ego person either.  I am willing to do … Continue reading

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Heart driven

I’m a heart person who is driven by emotions.  I don’t know how not to be.  I’ve read books.  I’ve been lectured.  I’ve tried to be rational. You see, the thing is that, while I am a task oriented achiever, … Continue reading

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What do you mean?

Sometimes I really wonder how people can question the existence of God.  Some would say that I believe in a fairytale.  Others that I am brainwashed.  To those people, I say pshaw.  Yeah…I did just pull out a Little House … Continue reading

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New glasses

It’s funny.  After walking so long in the fog–metaphorically speaking–I feel like I have been given a new pair of glasses. When I was seven years old, I was taken to the eye doctor, and I got my first pair … Continue reading

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Change is good.

Something must have happened to me.  I don’t know the “what” but I can see the consequences.  Today, I had more patience.  I laughed more.  I felt more like me than I have in a while.  I see possibilities rather … Continue reading

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I made a promise to myself that I would not download my emotions onto my blog.  I am about to break that promise. This week has been tough.  I worked a lot of hours this week.  We started our new … Continue reading

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Heart issue

I am in the middle of a marathon right now.  School.  Working six days.  And some nights.  Trying to do the work on my plate while we have trainees in the office.  Camp counselor.  Friend.  Aunt.  Little league baseball cheerleader.  … Continue reading

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Rambling post…what’s been on my mind…

I find myself at a loss for words.  Surprising if you know me.  Haha. I guess I can start by trash talking.  Yesterday was, by far, the best football day that I’ve had in a LONG time.  The Patirots put … Continue reading

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