Triggered into the future

Years ago, there was a man with whom I was very much in love. We were best friends. We were basically inseparable. There was one huge, glaring problem between us. My faith. We had hours and hours of discussions, debates, tirades for and against God. Finally, one day, he asked me a question. “Deneen, ifContinue reading “Triggered into the future”

Frats, pizza and more

Guess what!  My computer works!  YAHOOOOOOOOOO. I was so disappointed that my computer wasn’t working last night.  Yesterday had so many funny, memorable, bloggable moments that I was bursting at the seams.  I’m going to give the Cliff’s Notes version… My company has corporate housing for the men who have agreed to come to theContinue reading “Frats, pizza and more”

Why are all quarterbacks pretty boys?

Last night, as I was watching Dallas get beaten, or beat themselves, against the NY Giants, this question was posed to me. I have quite a few snippy remarks that I could have made, but instead I found myself speechless. We came to the conclusion that they are protected from the defense. There are prettyContinue reading “Why are all quarterbacks pretty boys?”