Frats, pizza and more

Guess what!  My computer works!  YAHOOOOOOOOOO.

I was so disappointed that my computer wasn’t working last night.  Yesterday had so many funny, memorable, bloggable moments that I was bursting at the seams.  I’m going to give the Cliff’s Notes version…

My company has corporate housing for the men who have agreed to come to the US from Korea to get us up and running.  We affectionately (by we I mean me) call the house Lamda Lamda Lamda because it, from what the rumors I hear, is kind of a messy dude place.  Yesterday one of the guys came in telling us how there are four bedrooms, five beds and six men living in the house.  He said that he went home early from work so that he could sit on his bed and ensure that he had the bed to himself.  We were in stitches.  Especially when he cursed because the word he intended to say came out liek this…Sheet!

I received a prank call at work.  I heard a voice ask, “Can I have two pepperoni pizzas?”  I was confused, so I asked the person to repeat what he said.  He said, “Is this Osstem Pizza?”  I started laughing and asked who was on the other end of the phone.  Turns out it was the Managing Director of the US.  Yeah.  That’s the kind of company I work for.  God has blessed me abundantly 🙂  He also google chatted me.  That was funny.  And it was really nice to be remembered.

I also had an Excel tutorial.  My boss attempted to teach me how to do a few things on Excel…with a full mouth of mouthwash.  (Being a dental implant company, we’re particular about our dental health, ya know.)  After he laughed and almost spat the mouthwash all over me, I insisted that he go get rid of the mouthwash.  I now know how to get an Excel spreadsheet to fit onto one page without having to manipulate the font size.

After begging for new projects for the past few days, I’ve been given a couple of projects.  Now I’ve got a bit too much on my plate rather than only one mundane, albeit important, project.  I’m going to have the opportunity to join dentists as they learn how to place dental implants into patients.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get to know some of our doctors and to get to know our products better.  I’ll have to dedicate 7 Saturdays throughout May, June and July, but it’s worth it.

So, life is good.  Work is good.  God is rocking my socks off.  I love that, even when life is tedious and trying, He is still present. 

Well, I’m off to begin my weekend.  It’s going to consist of doing absolultely NOTHING.  Unless something comes up.  Which I suspect it will 🙂  I can’t shake this feeling that I have.  I’ll let you know when I know, ok?

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