If You’re Not Lazarus, MOVE

Today I had a conversation that was a gut punch…which is a fantastic thing…because it brought me back home.

You may be wondering where I’ve been…and that’s a great question that I will address…but not in this post.

Life takes us on all kinds of journeys…so many paths to follow. I truly believe that all paths lead toward your ultimate destination…that one thing that God placed you here on Earth to be for him. Some of those paths feel like a vacation…and some of those paths feel like you’re scaling the tallest mountain in the world with no safety equipment.

The past year has been both for me.

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times.

Back to that conversation.

Years ago I had something traumatic happen to me. I shan’t go into details…but ever since that moment I’ve been hiding my femininity.

I thought I had dealt with it…I did some deep mindset work…but today I realized that the little girl that was hurt is still sitting in a corner cowering, hiding in hoodies and jeans, not allowing herself to embrace the beauty that is her femininity.

How many of us do that? We hide our true selves from those who love us…pretending that it’s not there, believing that if we ignore it it will manifest the way we truly desire it to?

As I sit here in the want sun ensconced by the cool autumn air, sipping my coffee, looking inward I realize just how tired I am of hiding.

It’s exhausting.

Do you know what I mean? Maybe you have a dream of acting, modeling, being an entrepreneur…but every day you put on your 9-5 mask, hoping that today’s the day that it changes.

I have news for you.

It’s not going to happen until YOU TAKE ACTION.

Every miracle that God performed in the Bible required action on the part of the recipient. Except Lazarus. He was dead.

So…today…if you’re reading this…stop hiding in the cloak of normalcy. Embrace your magic.


If this resonates at all with you…drop me a comment. I’d love to continue the conversation with you!


One thought on “If You’re Not Lazarus, MOVE

  1. Hello Deneen,
    I am a Christian. Your post on Lazarus resonates with me. I want to move forward and be successful in my writing as well. I am never fully satisfied with who I am. I could be better.
    I have a website http://www.uturn4life.com
    I am also married and have 2 grown children. I am not as close to my kids and my wife as I would like it to be. I have a mental illness as well.

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