High school never ends…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned a valuable lesson.  Again.  I guess I’m a slow study. I hated high school.  I don’t think that’s a secret.  My life in high school was basically miserable.  I had a few friends, but not life-long heart-to-heart friends.  We were surface friends, and a few years after highContinue reading “High school never ends…”

What is she doing?

Work is going well.  It is really challenging on several levels.  First of all, I’m not an administrative genius.  I try really hard, but it’s really not my strength.  And that is the bulk of my job.  I love working with entrepreneurs…people who are laying everything on the line for a dream.  I love theContinue reading “What is she doing?”

Can you blame me?

Warning…this blog is raw. Tonight I was talking with my mom.  She recently began working with an after-school program in Camden.  She drives the kids from school to the church where the program is run and then home.  She’s been doing it for a short time, but she loves it.  I can visibly see aContinue reading “Can you blame me?”

Integrity and Trust

Integrity and trust are two things that are invaluable, necessary for a relationship to grow.  Friendships are made and grown when they are present; the greatest relationships falter when one or the other is broken.  I have come to realize, very recently, that sometimes my expectations of people are not voiced, too high or both. Continue reading “Integrity and Trust”

Busy weekend

This weekend turned out to be quite full.  Usually, I have one form of entertainment per weekend, sometimes less.  My weekends usually look like this: Friday night–come home and crash Saturday–breakfast with one or more of the nephews/nice; maybe going out for a few hours Saturday night Sunday–occasionally church; football, football, football. This weekend hasContinue reading “Busy weekend”

One track mind

The other night someone asked me why I’m not dating.  I didn’t know how to answer.  I always stumble on these questions.  It was a really short conversation, but it made an impact. The answer lay within me…of this I’m sure.  I’ve spent time making up excuses, but I’ve come to the realization that IContinue reading “One track mind”

Confessions part 2

I’m going to stop referring to myself as a hypocrite.  Decided that as I was deciding upon a title to this post.  That took a lot of energy…just kidding I’ve been posting anecdotes that I find a bit funny at a new website.  Check out my ruminations at http://www.ruminations.com/deneenwhite.  A few other people in theContinue reading “Confessions part 2”