Busy weekend

This weekend turned out to be quite full.  Usually, I have one form of entertainment per weekend, sometimes less.  My weekends usually look like this:

Friday night–come home and crash
Saturday–breakfast with one or more of the nephews/nice; maybe going out for a few hours Saturday night
Sunday–occasionally church; football, football, football.

This weekend has been non-stop.

Friday after work, I got my hair done.  It feels really good to look in a mirror and not see 1 inch grey roots looking back at me.  I ran to pay a bill, grab dinner, and then came home to get ready to go out.  My friend and I met up, went to a comedy club, played a 18 holes of golf.   We tied–but don’t tell him I told you.  Let’s keep the secret between us 🙂  Then we sat outside in the city and talked for a couple of hours. 

Our conversation is really challenging.  He is challenging me to really figure out why I believe what I believe, and to take a closer look at the problematic parts of the Christian faith.  At one point, apparently I visibly reacted to one of his questions, and he asked me later if his questions were reasonable.  I told him that my problem is not with his questions.  My problem is that I feel as if I should be able to answer his questions.  And some of them…I just can’t.  And the more that I research the historicity of the doctrine the more political the doctrine appears. 

I feel like our friendship, just knowing him is making me better.  Especially over the past few weeks, I am starting to feel more like myself than I have in a long time.  Dreams that I have been pushing down for so long are rearing their heads again.  I thrive when I am challenged.  It is not in my nature to complicitly believe anything…essentially he’s challenging me to be myself.  It kind of freaks me out that he’s getting to know me so well that he can read my tells.  Not too many people can do that.

Saturday, I woke up early, despite getting home at 3AM.  I was h-u-n-g-r-y.  I discovered my prowess at making omelettes for the nephews and took my niece out to breakfast at the Amish market–YUMMY.  We walked around the market for a few minutes and headed home.  My mom and I talked for a while and then we went on a mission of sorts.  In the interim, my friend and I made plans to head to the Riversharks game in Camden.  The game was good; out seats were amazing.  We were seven rows away from third base.  And the Riversharks won.  And we saw fireworks.

We headed to Bahama Breeze and had some amazing food.  We closed the place out and stood in the parking lot of the Cherry Hill Mall talking until 1:30AM.  We covered a lot of topics…circled around and covered them again.  I asked her some of the tough questions that have arisen from me being spurred to introspection and research.  We caught up.  We had fun. 

Good times…good times.

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